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Nicole Arbour Says, " We're in the First Inning"

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Anyone following Ryan Upchurch via social media may have noticed some recent posts talking about court cases and cancelling concerts. As some of you know, the last few months have been rough for Ryan. After a very brief time of hanging out with comedian Nicole Arbour, Ryan is now going through legal issue after legal issue. The issues led to a restraining order and multiple court dates.

Two days ago, it was announced on Blue Moon Entertainment, which is handled by Ryan's mother, that Ryan reluctantly has to cancel ALL shows for the year 2021. This is a harsh blow for Ryan and his fans.

According to recent posts, Ryan had the order of protection dismissed so why is he still going back to court? A Davidson County lawsuit was filed on Ryan, as well as three other men, for an injunctive relief to stop all efforts made to defame and attack Arbour's reputation after this friendship went sour. The repetitive court dates have caused a conflict with touring dates that were made prior. Ryan released a video on YouTube explaining about the situation.

Following their newest court appearance, Ryan released photos of his copy of the court's findings. At the end of the paperwork, it stated that the restraining order had been dissolved and the temporary injunction had been thrown out. It also says that litigation will move forward.

After seeing the post, I reached out to Nicole for a comment. She replied, "There have been no outcomes. Proceedings aren't over. As it says in the paperwork, we're moving to trial. Nothing has been thrown out. No one has won anything. Happy to comment when it is actually over. We're in the first inning."

We absolutely can't speculate anything at this point. There is the saying, "There are two sides to every story." Now, we await a judge to present the third side to this ongoing issue.

I did reach out to Ryan but, understandably, there has been no reply. I will continue to reach out to those involved and report as new information is presented.

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