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Pissed off and Feeling Disrespected, Upchurch Speaks his Mind

Ryan is beyond pissed off to say the least. This Tuesday turned into not only a breach of his peace of mind, but also the fact that what was done is not normal.

Ryan has always been very vocal about wanting to take pictures or sign autographs to put a smile on his fans faces. There is a line as a fan that you just don't cross. Yesterday a fan with children crossed that line.

Your house is your throne. It's where your peace of mind is supposed to be at one. Things go on behind closed doors that only the ones sharing the house should see.

Below is a video about an encounter Ryan had yesterday with a fan and their kids. He reiterates that if it wasn't for those children, he would not have been nice in any sense of the word. A fan decided to park their car at the end of Ryans driveway, then proceeded to walk down this private driveway in hopes of getting photos. They stated that when he asked what they were doing. Ryan took said pictures, but then had some words to share afterwards. First and foremost, he is not a zoo animal, and what was done is not normal. You don't just show up at a stranger's house and practically demand pictures. No matter how well you think you know Ryan from YouTube and concerts, YOU DON'T KNOW HIM LIKE THAT!

Respect in definition is: a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements

If you respect someone, you should respect all boundaries they have. It's not like Ryan hasn't said it many times before. He even put it in songs like "Don't Come Knockin"

As soon as I roll out my silky sheets

Somebody tryna yank me to a meet and greet

My fuckin' driveway a mile long, got 26 trespassin' signs

I got two gates you gotta open yourself

With a loggin' chain that's wrapped around

Made plenty posts sayin', "Leave me be"

Ryan has said many times, see him at WalMart, cool. See him at Sonic, cool. If you see him out in public, there is a good chance of a quick conversation and autograph and pictures, but do not follow him to his home. Do not show up at his home 'cause he just might come out in his boxers grippin' two AK's.

This respect should be shown to all artist's. Their home is their sanctuary. That peace is what gives them a halfway normal life. Put that in your think-tank and realize if you were in that position, you would want, and deserve your comfort and security.

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Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller
Feb 09, 2022

Couldn't agree more. Ryan Upchurch is a good feller, and he's changed many lives. He's also rather humble; he's really cool about autographs and stuff. But he's got a life- he is a human, you know. So he deserves his respect, point blank.

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