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Rare of Breed Discusses Faith with Big Smo

One of the great things about country folk is their faith in God. Country Rap has shared that love with several artists making songs of faith.

A new artist on the scene is sharing his faith doing what he calls "Christian Country Rap." Rare of Breed dropped his new album "GodTwang" really infuses his faith and his country rap sound.

A month ago released a new video from the song, "God Knows" off the album. It featured one of the better-known names in Country Rap, Big Smo. The video takes place on Smo's farm. Between the country feel, and the awe-inspiring edits, the video keeps you enthralled. Though the video is high quality, the words are what will truly inspire you.

The song talks about how it's easy to follow the wrong people and to be careful. It also talks about being in love with the blessings God bestows on our lives if we follow Him.

Rare of Breed says that he could never go back to the life before he started following God. He speaks about getting saved and how God wanted him to minister to others through his music. That's exactly what he is doing in the song.

Smo compliments the song by talking about how he feels like the devil is trying to sway him into doing wrong by pulling his strings and tempting him. He says, "If you lose your way, you will pay, and the cost will always burn." He continues a little later in his verse by saying, "It's a solo show. You need to know. Life is not a race. It's a journey for us to love and trust, and chase the wolves away. So come on."

"God Knows" is a great song full of a lot of meaning many can relate to. Rare of Breed didn't stop there, though. He released another song this week that will hit your feelings.

The song, "How It Feels", is truly a song that speaks to most working-class Americans. The bills add up quickly, along with the stress that it places on a family. Many times, people resort to drinking because they think it will ease the stress. In actuality, it adds to it. Rare of Breed gives great insight on turning the stress, worry, heartache, and anger over to the only one that has the answers for it.

The description on the YouTube video says it best: 'How It Feels' paints a vivid picture of the struggles we face daily. Even through the suffering, there is hope. Even in the storm, there is peace. God hears you. Turn to Him and surrender it.'

Rare of Breed is a breath of fresh air in the Country Rap scene. His ability to paint a picture of hope through the struggles is something that we all need in the nation right now. It's nice to know that there is music that can uplift and support our faith while the world is in the middle of so much turmoil.

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