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Ryan Gets Back in the Studio

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Upchurch is back home in Cheatham County! His Instagram story showed that he was Day 5 into his gym sessions, today will be six, and his Pedialyte purchase can only give us the assumption he is in it to win it. Bro, get your SWOLE on! Ryan also showed people he was looking at a home to purchase and it turns out it's not just anyone's house, it's The Legend himself Kid Rock's old home, and rumor has it, he didn't buy it! These two have been buddies for years. Ryan once released an awesome song with his son Robert James called "Loveless".

Ryan wants to keep Ghost Ranch the home where he can be wild and crazy but also wants a home to be able to relax in, write music and be in love with his career as a whole.

Ryan hints back to how he was recently depressed and now that he is back home he has been getting back to himself. He's been able to grab that motivation he wasn't feeling while away and he just finished his rap album, and it's set to be mixed and mastered. No word yet on its release, but if we know Ryan he will drop some midnight or four in the morning sneak-peaks or the whole damn thing at once.

Country Rap News is proud of you for knowing yourself well enough to push harder and keep a solid outlook that remains positive.

Ryan has been a definite influence on older and upcoming generations with his use of puns in songs, his flow, and his demeanor says a lot. There's no doubt that Ryan became his songs as well as lived them. He has proven himself through his actions, and his "wordsmithmanship" is the illest around.

-Kelsey Leigh

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