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Nashville's Going to Run Out of Blacklists, Before Upchurch Runs Out of Black Bags!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

There is a rather interesting conversation to be had about this topic, and we would love to hear what y'all think. Make sure to leave a comment, and follow the facts with us, as we see where exactly this could be headed for Nashville.

Who wants to have thier shows bought out? Every ticket bought? That would make any artist excited to get on stage! What if the only person in the crowd was Ryan Upchurch with his fifth of Jack Daniels in a lawn chair though?

Ryan has over 6 years of nothing but success as an independent artist. He has sold out arenas in record time, while meeting and engaging with his supporters. He's at a point that he just might buy your show out! Hell, this idea doesn't seem so crazy as it would be a big ass middle finger! Flipping the bird to Nashville and mainstream media for being shit talked and black balled by the industry. He knows more about it than anyone realizes.

With a duffle bag full of cash, and a mind that is set, his determination is on point. He has all of Creeksquad backing him up. Ryan just might buy out a few shows just to piss Nashville off.

Late last night, Upchurch was sitting by a fire and found out Trey Lewis wasn't going to have DJ Cliffy D work with him because he's Ryans DJ.

Earlier today he announced he would like to buy all the tickets left to the Trey Lewis Show and asked the venue Cahoots Dance Hall and Honkytonk to contact him. Country Rap News hopes to have more information to share soon.

- Co-Writers

-Brandon Snyder, Jean Hix, Tucker Wayne and Justin Lynch

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Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller
Apr 23, 2022

See, now that's why Upchurch got so far - he simply just don't care. He doesn't give a flying to sh!ts about what they think about 'em. Now, if more artists had his guts, then this world would be a little bit better, don'tcha think? Good for you, Upchurch!

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