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The Mindset of an Artist

Ryan Upchurch is moving back to Cheatham County to get back to doing his Creek Squad shit! WV is cool but he hasn't been away from home before and quickly found that it's harder to create content for YouTube, make music videos and motivate himself to stay in shape. Yesterday, he woke up feeling like he was in a dream. He talks about being depressed and his anxiety is at an all time high. He said in Operation 21, he is going to take all his feelings about being mad at himself and turn it into making himself a brand new man. Church mentions understanding why Kurt Cobain killed himself and how living the extreme life he leads can cause you to be so depressed, yet have life by the balls. Money doesn't make the man. The mind of the man makes the money. So, if your mind isn't where it needs to be, you can either succumb to it or break away and turn it into something beautiful and fulfilling.

Adam Calhoun recently made a YouTube video about mental health as well. He tells us that his anxiety makes his life difficult. His anxiety makes the decisions. This man runs in a hospital parking lot in case he has an attack while running. His peace of mind is knowing he will be found and won't die. He says that he has had such bad anxiety attacks at night that he will drive to the hospital parking lot and sleep in his car, just so his peace of mind is somewhat tolerable. Some of you might think "How sad". Some of you can relate. This is life for even the people you look up to. We are all human. We all have demons. Some make the decision to fight and some give up that fight. These two men are fighting! I'm proud of who these men are and how they choose to put it all out on the table. Love yourself enough to make that change.

We all get into a funk and mess up. We all can choose to wake up and change our mindset. Church is about to come out of this funk and create content, get in shape and make himself happier than he has ever been and Country Rap News is about this change! Adam will do what he knows to keep him sane.

Mental health during this time has been at the forefront of many people's minds. I, for one, can relate and understand what others could be dealing with. Just know that reaching out, and talking about it, brings light to it and can be easier to create a different state of mind by doing so. So speak out, reach out and make that change today!

-Kelsey Leigh

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