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Seth Anthony - Country Rap News - Interview

Interviewer: When was the first moment you knew that Country Rap was going to be your career?

Seth: I'd probably say, I didn't really choose country rap, it kinda just chose me. The first song I ever did with any kind of rap was Ballad Of an Outlaw. It turned out to be such an emotional song. I kinda had to amp it up in the second verse, so that was the first time I ever rapped on any song. I just got a really good response on it. I liked that I enjoyed it. That was kinda it right there. Interviewer: Where do you write your songs? How does your inspiration come to you? Seth: To be honest, I write alot of my music on my back porch. The night before the studio I just sit there, I already have a beat in mind and I just sit there and write it and like all my songs it just comes from my life, my past things I went through, things i'm going through but that's my inspiration, my life and just any kind of outdoors. Even when I'm inside I like to have a window. Interviewer: As an independent artist what has been your biggest success? Did failing ever cross your mind? Seth: I'd probably say Ballad Of an Outlaw. It was my first video to kinda take off. It has almost 3 million views now and it kinda helped me set the pace of what I was doing. Failing i think comes to everybody's mind when doing this especially being an Independent Artist. It's very very difficult to just stay relevant and keep producing and just get out there. Failing definitely is in the back of everybody's mind. It’s just a part of success really. You are gonna fail to succeed. Interviewer: You released 2020 Vision in February and Ballad of an Outlaw has had almost 3 million views, which is amazing! The lyrics and their meaning has most definitely impacted some lives. What was your goal when writing it? How did you want to impact your supporters? Seth: I don't really think there was any. I didn't really write the song to impact anybody. It was the first song I wrote about really personal stuff in my life. I kinda just put it all out there and i was kinda nervous to do it because I didn't want to put myself out there like that but i noticed when i did the response i got was so amazing I think people like to hear that they aren't the only ones that go through stuff. so it kinda just, like i said before it kinda just set the pace for the kind of music I enjoy making. That pretty much it. Interviewer: Designed Conviction, released about a month ago with Burden, so many people can relate to. I wanna know how working with Burden was? I'm currently addicted to ' We the People' and 'White Privilege'. Seth: It’s a good song; good artist. It was kind of funny the situation, me and my video guy Jeff Applefield, we wanted it to be as real as possible, like through my growing up when I was going through hard times. So we picked the shittiest motel we could pick and Burden shows up and he's like what's this man and I was like man just trust me man. He's a very talented dude, great music. He was great to work with. Interviewer: Covid hasn't stopped you and your work ethic, how have you stayed motivated? You've put out quite a few videos. Seth: You know the first couple years I was putting out music I didn't do shows, I did a couple. I was targeting my online presence. and thank god i did cuz this happened but I wasn't really worried about the tour. I went to set up a tour then 2020 happened. so the only way i could stay relevant was to just write music and drop videos, write music and drop videos cuz thats all you could do. So that's what I set out to do. Interviewer: In 2021 what are some goals not related to music you're making for yourself? Seth: Good question. To be less stressed, I love what I do but it's very stressful and I get a lot of anxiety, so try to just tone it down. Less stressed in 2021 and spending more time with my family. Interviewer: Do you have anything that we should keep our eyes out for in the New Year? Some features? A new album? Seth: Yeah I got a lot of stuff in the works right now. I like testing myself with music. I wanna try and do not every genre but a wide variety of genres. So this year I'm going to do a mixture of Country, Country Rap, Rock and in January I'm going to release a straight rap single. There's a lot man. As far as features, I'm sure I'll probably do some. Im worried about making my own music right now.

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