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Shelbykay Opens Studio Independently with a Vision

Shelbykay, an artist on Average Joes Entertainment has completely gone and independently started a studio to follow her vision and she's destined to create it. Shelbykay just released a song with Stormie Leigh called "Anit no Southern Belle" on Mud diggers 12 released by Average Joes. I sat down and talked to Shelbykay, Dj Pop and Arab to discuss what was going on? Newly home from performing at the Redneck Rave which made national news, we chatted it up!

I quickly found out what I had known would happen, Shelbykay's passion and drive for this vision, has been seen by many. She has always spoken of this vision. She wants to help create. Help others have a place and the tools to create and make it all independently. These three met at the perfect time to make the same vision come true. Underground Visions Studio is in full effect and getting bookings! Go like the new page!

Coming from a small town in South Carolina, these three will be doing things. Creatively and business wise. As always, Country Rap News will be keeping their eyes on this new trio! Good luck guys! #fireball

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Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller
Apr 08, 2022

How inspiring!

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