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"The Bonds Of Country Rap"

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

#BlakesArmy has a major online presence. Most people don't know how Jerred Blake became a staple at every mud park and rave he has ever been to.

Jerred, a good hearted man with Cerebral Palsy, is an avid Country Rap listener and has been for years. Jerred had been following Who TF Is Justin Time for what he said felt like years and would repost and share any post Justin Stowers put out.

One day, that ding we all know, went off in Jerred’s messenger. It was Justin Stowers asking Jerred to jump in the box on his live facebook feed. What a day to be a fan! This was the day the friendship began and from then we have all watched, over the recent years, this bond grow into something awe inspiring. During this live, Justin asked Jerred to have his parents directly contact Justin. Next thing Jerred knew, Who TF Is Justin Time was not only in Texas, he was at Jerred's house! And that ladies and gentleman is how #BlakesArmy came to be.

The facebook group #BlakesArmy has 13k members and has been the way many follow Jerred's story. People have become accustomed to hearing Jerred’s contagious laugh, watching him push his brand, and interact with people on his facebook lives. The first Redneck Rave in Colfax, LA was where Jerred met some really cool people, he said. Not only did he get to spend time with Justin, he pointed out that he also met The Stixxx and Twang and Round. He said the love he was shown by those was absolutely incredible and such an awesome feeling! His greatest memory, still to this day, is the first time he got to go mudding with Justin. All he could say about it was that it was amazing! After the rave was over communication never stopped between Justin and Jerred. They actually met up at an Upchurch concert soon after where Jerred was given an autographed guitar. When he says signed, he means it was signed by everyone performing and backstage. Jerred wanted to give a shout out to Big Murph too! When talking about Big Murph, Jerred said, "He's always kept in contact with me through facebook messages and that means the world to me! Thank you Tyler!" With Cerebral Palsy, Jerred needs a little extra help to get to the raves. Thanks to his friend Ben Anderlidch, his Uncle Devin Gentry and his father Joshua Milner, for not only bringing the party to these raves but taking care of Jerred’s needs during the concerts. They're real MVPs of #BlakesArmy.

Along with the help from Jerred’s family and friends, Jerred finds support from people like Who TF Is Justin Time. Justin Stowers started a go fund me page to help with costs to get Jerred from Texas to the Raves. He wants all of his army, the artists and the followers alike, to know how much it has meant to him that you just want to see him have fun. Very gratefully, he said, "Thank you for making my dreams come true. I love you all!"

By now, we all know Jerred's happy place is with Justin; getting muddy and being surrounded by his people. Redneck Rave 2020 at Blue Holler off Road Park in Kentucky was the last time Jerred was in his element. June 2021, he will have the opportunity to get another trip of a lifetime to Kentucky for the next Rave! Jerred was very optimistic about the upcoming rave. "Hope to see you there!" was Jerred’s exact words for those thinking about hitting the Rave. Tickets to Redneck Rave 2021 go on sale in February 2021. You can also try your luck and win some free passes by watching and sharing Justin Stowers lives on the Official Redneck Rave page. - Kelsey Leigh

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