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The Storm Rolls On - Jericho's Testimony

You can't be a Country Rap fan and not know who Rehab is. If someone says "Bartender", it's almost certain that a fan would reply "I really did it this time." With other amazing songs like "I Know" or "Grizzly Bear", the group just puts off meaningful and fun songs.

Recently a member of the group, Jericho, started releasing some solo music, while Covid grounded their touring schedule. The music that is coming out of the touring break is heart touching and spiritual in its own way. In a blend of rap, southern rock, with a hint of bluesy sound, Jericho is unique.

Jericho is a Christian and it defines the type of music he makes. His music is his way to minister to those who may need to hear the word. He wanted to make relatable music that touched people's lives. From the moment he decided to start on this path, the Lord has guided him.

Jericho grew up in Florida. His family was a musical one. His mother, Sherry White, still records and releases bluegrass gospel music today. You can check out her song "Revival Fires" here.

Jericho remembers sitting in a lobby with his grandfather while he waited for him to get his tires changed. OutKast came on the radio. The sound drew in Jericho. From that moment, he fell in love with the style.

Later in his life, he found himself working at a phosphate mine. He was making really good money but something was off. He kept feeling as though he needed to be using the gift that God gave him. He had never been good at anything other than music. He felt it was a shame to waste it.

People thought he had lost it when he gave up such a good job and moved away to pursue music. He moved his family to a small town outside of Nashville and found a spot in Rehab.

Touring with, and learning from, Danny Boone has really been a good thing for Jericho. He says it is a blast. They always have a good time. The opportunity to perform together has also given him the platform to point people to Jesus.

"God gave me a gift and I want to use it for him," he said. "Music can be cookie cutter. I want to make it from my standpoint. I am a Christian."

In one of his newest songs, "The Storm Rolls On" ft. Harley Jaymes, he talks about seeing others struggle. He gives hope by saying that the storms always roll on. They never stick around forever. He is giving hope in hard times.

The song is based on the stories that he and his wife heard through the years of ministering to the youth. The sorrows within the tales still stick in Jericho's head. The things they heard from the youth would leave him lost for words.

He wrote the song to let them know that he heard them and they weren't alone. He also wants others that may be going through tough times to know that the storm rolls on.

Jericho, himself, knew that kind of storm. He found that by accepting God, God had calmed Jericho's storms and helped him through.

He said, "I know what my life was like before I found God, and after. I will take that any day of the week."

He had never sung before "The Storm Rolls On". He wanted to push out of his comfort zone and it proved to be a big success. The song is well put together with a sound mixed between Danny Boone's style and Jelly Roll's "Save Me."

Jericho's goal for 2021 is to put out music constantly. He said he would keep releasing singles until he had enough to release an EP.

He recently put out another song called "Rock n Roll". It is an endearing song to his wife. It talks about how hard it is to be away from her while he is on the road.

Jericho hopes to be able to tour with the band again for 2021 and to be able to put out new merch. He hasn't had a merch line for a while and this will all be brand new.

Make sure you like, follow, and subscribe to Jericho's multiple platforms (here) as well as Rehab's platforms(here). 2021 is bound to be full of great new music and videos.

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