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Whats Katie Noel been up to?

Katie Noel has been making a way for herself from an early age. Now 21, the North Carolina Native, has established the goals she set as a child.

Growing up, Katie always wanted her own line of apparel and to pursue music. Her grandfather was a music producer and her family was passionate about music. Her dreams started becoming reality when she went viral for her first version of “Diesel Gang”. The viral video depicted young Katie spitting the lyrics in a running truck. It was an instant hit among a younger crowd. Even then, she was working in apparel. She was a manager for Rue 21 when the video exploded.

3 years later, Katie is making quality music and quality apparel. Her line, Diesel Gang Apparel, focuses on her love of vehicles. She said she felt like she didn’t have as much control in the designing process. She took the lead on her designs creating the concepts herself, with the help of Steve Harmon Owner of Absolute Graphics and Graphic Designer Ceaser Beavers , it is flourishing. Diesel Gang and Jeep Gang are the two that draws the most attention, but she has a line of hats called County Line Clean, that has started to become a fan favorite!

Katie’s music is also flourishing. Her song Blood Red now surpasses the viral hit Diesel Gang. Recently, she has been in the studio a lot working to create some new music such as her two singles “Habit” or “Pillow Fight”. There will be lots of videos to go with her new music. If you watch blogs from Cracka Lack, a music videographer and beat maker, you’ll find out just how much work Katie’s been putting in. They made 3 music videos in 3 days. You can watch the videos on Katie’s YouTube Channel. She’s got several features coming soon including a song with Speed Gang and another with the Slumerican signed artist Badd Wolf. Katie’s hustle is real.

You will also see more of her equally talented fiancée, Autumn Brooke, in her music. Miss Tennessee was only the beginning for the couple. Music isn’t the only thing you can see from them, though. Autumn is set to be a model for American Force. They will also be at several truck shows throughout the year. "2021 is the year for trucks".

Recently, the couple got engaged at a birthday party planned for Katie in the middle of December. Katie knew there was going to be a party, but she didn’t know where. She planned out her own little surprise and brought an engagement ring along for the ride. In true Katie fashion, right next to her truck Snow White, she got down on one knee and proposed. Happily, Autumn said yes.

Katie may be young but she is making big moves. With her flourishing career and relationship, it seems that more great things are meant to come from Katie. She’s got an optimistic outlook and a drive that keeps her pushing her brand forward.

- Ashley Davis

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