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Who TF Is Justin Time? & Adam Calhoun are about to release a video to "Country Rap Facts"

This past week on FaceBook and Instagram, followers have been seeing Who TF Is Justin Time? mention “Country Rap Facts,” and how proud of the song he truly is. Justin thanked Adam Calhoun for keeping his word and being not just a friend but a brother.

What do we know about it so far? Well, the only thing mentioned is that Adam Calhoun is featured in the song. On March 13th, the world was told it had been completed and all it was lacking was a video.

Good thing Who TF Is Justin Time? doesn't half-ass things, and there will be a video dropping April 1st, 2021. I wonder if the date has anything to do with the song? If it's like a "sike gotcha," or a platter of "Country Raps Facts?" spilling over like a tall glass of draft beer?

Butters Pro , who produced the video, said in a Facebook post, " Coming at ya neck country rap. Time to get the facts straight. I NEED A HELL YEAH ONE TIME!" The song was Mixed & Mastered by EarGawd and it was recorded at Times Tavern. Adam has been the only one not to say anything about this song via Social Media.

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