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Boss Of The Stix?

Recently, we released an article about the roots of Country Rap. Two names mentioned in the article were none other than Big Smo and Ryan Upchurch. Both have made an impact in the genre in their own way. Big Smo brought the music to houses across the nation with his A&E series. Ryan Upchurch changed the game with his ability to promote through social media on a vast scale. Now it seems that some beef has brewed among the two rappers.

Ryan, who has gained a lot of traction through YouTube, recently did an interview with a fellow YouTuber No Jumper. Not long after, a screenshot was sent to Ryan. In the screenshot, you can see that Big Smo has messaged No Jumper. The message reads that No Jumper needs to interview the real “Kuntry Rap Boss”. Smo goes on to tell No Jumper that he has more media etiquette. He mentions his A&E show and pokes at Ryan for chewing tobacco on the show. In return, Ryan released a video on his YouTube channel calling out “The Boss of the Stix”. He states that as a kid, he used to think that Smo was the boss of the sticks until he grew up and realized that he, himself, was. Ryan says that he isn’t supposed to have any media cred because he is a real country boy doing real country boy things. He says that coming from a rapper who says he is the “Boss of the Sticks”, Smo shouldn’t care that Ryan is dipping. He calls out Smo for being upset about the spit bottle in the No Jumper podcast but making music videos in tobacco barns and album covers with tobacco barns as the cover. After stating their Spotify numbers and playing samples of their old music, Ryan continues by inferring that Big Smo is a fake country boy before ending his video. Will this beef lead to some good music as the two rappers battle it out or will this be the end of it? Country Rap News will be watching, and reporting, as this unfolds.

- Country Rap News

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Jul 21, 2021

Ryan is totally different from Smo, lemme tell you... Smo treats his fans like a family that is why we are Kinfolk, Ryan is different from Smo, they both have good music, people have opinions like a**holes everyone has one. But if I had to choose, I'm stickin' with Smo, #LilKinfolk4Life


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