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The Real Reason Cliffy D and Kidd aren't with Upchurch anymore!!

In a recent phone call that we had with Cliffy himself, we explore the evolution of his career beyond his tenure as Upchurch's DJ. This article aims to highlight Cliffy's transition to new ventures, dispelling any notions of drama or hard feelings between him and Upchurch.

Cliffy D began his musical journey alongside Upchurch approximately seven years ago. Their collaboration, marked by electrifying performances and memorable tours, garnered widespread acclaim. However, as Cliffy shares, every journey has its twists and turns.

Contrary to speculation, Cliffy's departure from Upchurch was not a dramatic exit but rather a natural progression in his career. Reflecting on his time with Upchurch, Cliffy expresses gratitude for the experiences shared and the memories created. However, he emphasizes the importance of growth and exploration in his musical journey.

Since parting ways with Upchurch, Cliffy has been actively pursuing new opportunities and collaborations. From solo projects to partnerships with other artists, Cliffy's versatility and passion for music continue to drive him forward. He remains committed to evolving as an artist and exploring diverse musical landscapes.

Addressing rumors of discord or animosity between him and Upchurch, Cliffy sets the record straight on the call we had with him. There are no hard feelings or drama; instead, both parties are simply charting their own paths in the music industry. Cliffy acknowledges the impact of his time with Upchurch on his career while embracing the freedom to explore new creative avenues.

The recent posting of a picture on Upchurch's Instagram featuring his new band sparked interest and speculation among fans. Many inquired about Cliffy and Kidd's involvement in upcoming tours, but Upchurch remained silent in the comments. The current tour lineup includes Brodnax, T2, and JJ Lawhorn, signaling a new chapter for Upchurch's musical journey.

Before his collaboration with Upchurch, Cliffy had a stint as a DJ for Jellyroll, showcasing his versatility in the music scene. This background adds depth to Cliffy's journey and underscores his diverse range of experiences in the industry.

In a candid moment, Cliffy expressed his openness to reuniting with Upchurch as his DJ if the opportunity arose. He affirmed that he would love to work with Upchurch again, highlighting the positive relationship they share.

As Cliffy embarks on this new chapter in his musical journey, one thing remains clear: his passion for music knows no bounds. While his collaboration with Upchurch may have come to an end, Cliffy's spirit of innovation and exploration propels him forward into uncharted territory. With each beat and melody, he continues to redefine his artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

It was dope to speak with Cliffy and gain insight into his evolving career. As he continues to carve out his path in the music world, we eagerly anticipate the musical masterpieces yet to come.

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