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Dusty Leigh's 1922 Western

Dusty Leigh just released the video or should I say movie for the song, 'Saddle' a single he released in January. We all know that Dusty is a very excentric storyteller and that holds true to this western-based saloon reel. Dusty stated on his Facebook page that a time machine was found in his attic and with the help of his good friend Antonio Pantoja, they created this old timepiece. In the first few seconds of the song, Dusty seems to just appear in an old western bar where he asks where he is, finds out there is no coronavirus, no masks, no cellphone but there happens to be a party in the saloon. There's a woman in the saloon that he air lassoed his way, he gives her a note that says Ford or Chevy and she crumples it up. Needless to say, he didn't leave with the women who didn't like Chevy's. Watch the whole video below! You will enjoy the momentary travel back in time.

As stated in my previous article on Dusty Leigh, there will be much more to come as we saddle up for 2021.

-Kelsey Leigh

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John Radeschi
John Radeschi
2021년 2월 15일

Got to see this

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