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Keeping up with Dusty Leigh

When someone says they love the good ol’ vibes and funny as all get up country men of country rap, Dusty Leigh comes to mind. With his Versace bathrobe, jailhouse attire or his overalls he's the clean cut handsome cowboy of many women's dreams.

Dusty was born in Lousiville, Kentucky and was humbled by the parents who raised him. Everyone goes through some situations in life and Dusty wasn't shy to those hardships growing up. Coming from a low income one parent household he gives praise to his brother who quit school to help take care of Dusty and his sister when life got tough for his mom. He stated his mother and father are great parents and cares about them very much.

At 8 years old Dusty was writing already and was told by a teacher of his to come back and see them when he makes it as a rapper. I never asked if he did go back, but that would be a great question for our next interview! Growing up in the 90's Dusty was influnced by the Hip Hop and R&B group Bone Thugs and Harmony and his absolute favorite to this day country wise is Travis Tritt and 90's Travis Tritt to boot. So many great songs that man produced!

Fun facts

- Jelly Roll was the first person he performed with

- Save Me made him cry.

- Lousiville, KY has a Dusty Leigh Day.

- Dusty does a Turkey Give Away every year and has his hands in many Benefit Concerts!

The Joneses has to be one of the best depictions of who Dusty is. A goofy go getter and a family man who loves his kitchen appliances to death. A short tour of his crib, I learned how much he really enjoys nice things and is proud he can provide them. He gave me a taste of some country folk hospilatlity!

2020 has not stopped the man from dropping video after video and a few singles.

Lets see what he dropped:

It's safe to say that Dusty will be trying to outdo 2020 in 2021. Two bangers to look out for will be with The Moonshine Bandits and Brodnax. We all need more of his fashion sense and chains dangling in our lives!

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