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FJ Outlaw Creates Another Real Life Story

In FJ Outlaw's new video, he shared another part of his life with us.

A Lot of people from blended families can relate to this one. It's never easy when a couple decides to go their separate ways and there are children involved.

In this song FJ talks about his daughter walking in on her mom's boyfriend after he has overdosed. The mother proceeds to lie to her. She had asked what the spoon in the bathroom was for.

The song says the folks came in and took them away. I assume it's the child protective services, cause FJ says he can't go back. They say he's not fit because of a mental illness he has had to take meds for since he was 5. It's got to be heart wrenching to be on the dad side of things for FJ. One day every child is able to make their own decisions and hopefully the bond grows stronger between father and daughter.

Check out the full Video here:

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