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FJ Outlaw’s Trailer Talk

Hot Damn, FJ Outlaw done it again! The Florida rapper just released a new song and it's a banger. In true Outlaw form, FJ came out swinging and repped his roots in the same breath.

Trailer Talk”, the new single released February 10th, shares a glimpse into the life of a young FJ and how it formed him into who he is today. All the while, the song keeps an upbeat tempo and guitar riffs that anyone could vibe to.

The hook automatically sets the tone as FJ sings, “Now when you see me walk and hear the way I talk, it’s obvious that I’m a product of the trailer park. And I'm not so smart when it comes to math but I’ll bet a hundred dollars that I can whoop your ass.”

He makes it clear that he’s coming to prove everyone wrong that doubted he’d ever amount to anything. He may be from the trailer park, he may even call himself white trash, but he ain’t someone to look over, by any means.

He gives a shout out to Brabo Gator in the song, who signed FJ to Mako Music Group in the latter part of 2020. At the end of the video, you can see the two cutting up and having a good time together. You can tell that the relationship is not just a business relationship; the two men are friends.

The music video is definitely the perfect amount of killer to match the banger FJ created. Everyone is partying in their best white trash fashion in the trailer park. Full Scope Cinema worked their magic and made the perfect video that suits who FJ is. If you haven’t watched it yet, check it out now. We’re sure you’ll be adding the banger to your playlist.

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