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Rich Regal Says, "You Are Not Alone."

Rich Regal, Syni Stixx and City270 dropped the video to "Violence," and man, does it hit the ears just right. There's something about Syni Stixx's voice that brings this song all together. Not only is this song very powerful and raw, the real vocals of all three men were perfect, and it was mastered just right.

Syni says, " I grew up in violence, wrong side of the law. They say hush and move in silence. Hard times all I saw. Back up on the wall on this country road just ridin. Thanking God every time I open my eye lids." Syni has a one-of-a-kind voice, and it brings this whole song together.

If you didn't have a tear fall, or have that feeling of knowing exactly what Rich is talking about, you aren't listening deep enough. Rich starts his verse off saying, "Got this pistol locked and loaded while I'm sitting on my bed. Can't even tell you how many times I pressed barrel to my head. But that's to selfish so I just keep pressing on ahead." Rich hasn't been shy with his life and how much pain he had once felt. It speaks through his music. Another line that hit hard was: " Keep on pushing, you got this shit; you can always call on Rich. I been through the rain and I soaked it up just like a wick. Felt so much pain but I'm here to say, we got this shit YOU ARE NOT ALONE"

City270 comes in on the last verse and brings it together. You can tell that he has put pen to paper many times while speaking on emotions that are deeply felt. In just a few words he says so much; "Without the struggle there's no reflection, without their hustle there's no progression."

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