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Jelly Roll’s Journey: From a jail cell to a music collaboration with Craig Morgan

Jelly Roll and Craig Morgan - Photo: YouTube

In case you missed it Jelly Roll, the acclaimed rapper, singer and songwriter, recently teamed up with country music icon Craig Morgan to breathe new life into the classic song "Almost Home." The rendition, now featured on Craig Morgan’s YouTube channel, the video can be found here

This song transcends the boundaries of genres, delivering an emotionally charged duet that resonates deeply with the audience.

This collaboration didn't happen overnight. A year ago, Morgan and Jelly Roll shared a stage at the Grand Ole Opry, performing "Almost Home." That live performance served as the precursor to this official recorded duet. For Jelly Roll, the song's narrative of a homeless man yearning for home struck a chord, personally connecting with his own past.

In a conversation with Billboard, Jelly Roll shared the profound impact of the song during a challenging period of his life. “I had got released from jail... I would listen to it in my jail cell,” he confessed. The song's theme of yearning for a place of belonging, resonating even within the confines of a cell, became a source of solace and hope during his toughest times.

Craig Morgan, speaking about Jelly Roll's involvement, lauded the rapper’s transformative journey. "I love the guy to death... I feel like he truly is representative of how someone can be at their lowest point in their life and they can change that through faith, hope, and kindness, and that’s what he’s done."

Craig Morgan and Jelly Roll - Photo Credit: Opry/Chris Hollo

What's remarkable about this collaboration, beyond the music, is the mutual respect and admiration they share. Morgan praised Jelly Roll's humility and genuine spirit, highlighting his journey from adversity to success. Despite Jelly Roll’s stardom, his down-to-earth approach and passion for his craft stood out during their time together in the studio.

As this collaboration draws to a close, one can't help but wonder about Jelly Roll's future partnerships. Who might be the next artist to join forces with this versatile musician, blending genres and creating music that resonates on a profound level?

The stage is set, the melodies linger, and the question remains: Who do you think Jelly Roll will collaborate with next? Share your thoughts and let the speculation begin.

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