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Jessie Murph and Jelly Roll Blend Genres with "Wild Ones": A Country Rap Success Story

In the world of music, fusion often creates the most vibrant melodies, and for Jessie Murph and Jelly Roll, their collaboration on "Wild Ones" stands tall as a testament to this. Murph, a rising 19-year-old singer-songwriter, began her journey by sharing covers on YouTube and TikTok back in 2020. Her trajectory soared as she landed a deal with Columbia Records, paving the way for her Billboard Hot 100 debut with "Always Been You" by the end of 2021.

However, it was her recent venture into the country rap sphere alongside Jelly Roll that elevated her musical repertoire. "Wild Ones," their electrifying joint effort, surged up the charts, peaking at No. 42 in just six weeks. The track resonated with its country-driven groove, painting a vivid picture of risk-taking, rule-breaking rebels who revel in fast cars and unapologetically raise their middle fingers to convention. Murph's vocals soar over the infectious rhythm, epitomizing the thrill of danger and rebellion.

The duo's connection extends beyond their musical collaboration. Both Nashville natives, they've delved fearlessly into various genres, blending country, hip-hop, pop, and rock in their repertoire. For Jelly Roll, known offstage as Jason DeFord, tracks like "Need a Favor" and "Son of a Sinner" exemplify his genre-fluid journey, earning him a Grammy nomination and the New Artist of the Year title at the recent CMA Awards.

Jelly Roll - Photo Credit: TERRY WYATT/GETTY

In Murph's words, Jelly Roll's innate gratitude and positivity shine through, making collaborations not just musically rich but personally fulfilling. The genesis of "Wild Ones" itself was serendipitous, evolving from a track Murph had crafted independently. Jelly Roll's last-minute addition, drawn by the song's allure, injected a new dimension, adding his unique verse and flair to the mix.

The music video for "Wild Ones" has captivated audiences, amassing over 11 million views on Murph's YouTube channel alone, with millions more across various platforms. Teased by Murph in June, the song's live performances and TikTok snippets have generated excitement, accruing over 230 million views on the platform.

Reflecting on the song's evolution and reception, Murph expresses her sheer excitement and gratitude. To her, "Wild Ones" stands as a testament to pushing creative boundaries and embracing the thrill of musical experimentation. Collaborating with Jelly Roll amplified the song's essence, making it one of her personal favorites, adored by fans even before its official release.

As Murph continues to ascend on her musical journey, "Wild Ones" remains a milestone, embodying the exhilarating fusion of country and rap, further solidifying her status as an artist unafraid to traverse uncharted musical territories.

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