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Jelly Roll Sells Out?!

In a recent article, we covered a huge announcement from Jelly Roll. He told the world that he would be performing at the Ryman Auditorium. Just being able to perform there is a huge accomplishment for an independent rapper. However, Jelly Roll and his fans refused to let that be where the big news ended.

Tickets went on sale today, May 7th. According to a post by Bunnie Xo, Jelly Roll's wife, within 30 minutes, the show was completely sold out! 30 minutes! How awesome is that?!

Later in the evening, Jelly Roll made his own post and announced that the Ryman Auditorium had sold out at 100% capacity. The Ryman at full capacity holds 2,362 people. This is such a momentous feat for Jelly Roll, his fans and the growing genre.

The Ryman Auditorium is known as the "Mother Church" of Country Music. Many artists can only dream of standing center stage where so many famous names have performed historic shows.

Because of its history, the auditorium has been shown in multiple movies. A couple of those movies you may recognize. "Coal Miner's Daughter," (about Loretta Lynn's life), shot several scenes in the auditorium. Another, the fictional movie, "Nashville Rebel" starred Waylon Jennings, who is the grandfather to one of Jelly Roll's best friends, Struggle Jennings.

Now, Jelly Roll gets to make history as an independent Country Rapper who sold out one of the most well-known stages in the world. The icing on the cake is the fact that Jelly Roll is a Nashville native. For an independent artist, it is hard to sell out hometown shows. When that hometown show is Nashville, the capital of country music, a rapper tends to get overlooked.

With Ryan Upchurch seeing huge success at his first arena shows, and now Jelly's Ryman show selling out, it just goes to show how much attention these talented men are getting in the genre. To think that neither has a mainstream label backing them is truly too great for words. Again, the genre is on the cusp of something huge. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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