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A $20,000 Ticket?! How Many Got Scalped?!

With the large announcement about Jelly Roll headlining the Ryman Auditorium, there has been quite a bit of talk online. Country Rap News covered the excitement in a recent article.

The one thing that has several Jelly Roll fan groups talking on social media, is the mention of ticket scalpers. It caught our staff's attention and we did a little research.

According to Jelly Roll, he sold out the Ryman in less than an hour. That is incredible news for an independent artist. However, for fans who wanted to experience history in the making, not so much.

While dealing with a lagging website, due to excessive traffic, many lost out on their chance to attend. People quickly tried to find other routes to gain tickets to the show. Then, something started raising everyone's attention. Third-party sites were popping up all over the net with large quantities of tickets within the day.

According to the Ryman's website, the price of tickets ranged between $22.50 and $37.50. After doing research, these third-party sites have scalped the tickets and upped the prices excessively. The average price for the scalped tickets are going for nearly 10 times the original cost. 2 tickets to will run a person over $600. Several sites had absurd priced tickets in amounts with a price tag of $2,000 and up. On a couple sites, we even found a ticket priced around $20,000. It is sad for the fans, especially because of the economy still recovering from the pandemic. Many will not be able to afford the high priced tickets to attend this historic event.

Screenshot from third-party ticket reseller.

There weren't only a few sites discovered. We found over 10 sites, with quite a few scalped tickets each, before we stopped looking. There was no way for us to find exactly how many tickets the scalpers grabbed. It seems that they were prepared, and bought up large quantities of the tickets as soon as they went on sale. This left many fans out of the loop.

It's also possible that some of these websites weren't even selling legitimate tickets. Some of the websites we found are no longer working. The question remains, will the scalped tickets get resold or will the seats remain vacant at a sold out show? One can only hope that's not the case.

Disclaimer: The views or opinions of third-party ticket resellers do not represent the views and the opinions of Country Rap News. Country Rap News is unaffiliated to any ticket reseller websites. This article is for informative purposes only. We DO NOT advise anyone to buy from a ticket reseller, as you risk losing your money in a scam.

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