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Surprise Album!! Its like an early Christmas!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Midnight on the dot, December 16th, 2020, Struggle Jennings and Jelly Roll dropped a surprise album.

Waylon and Willie IV was released on all platforms for our enjoyment! Saying this album has been on repeat is an understatement! ‘Black Roses’, ‘Enemy and ‘Stand in Flame’ hit my own top 3 list, instantly! By the buzz on social media, I was not alone.

Struggle and Jelly have put out some amazing music together. A total of four Waylon and Willie albums have been created. Their musical chemistry and endearing friendship is mind blowing. To think the duo has an E-Brake on how many the brothers will keep creating would be foolish.

Jelly hasn't let the misery of 2020 stop his passion. ‘Save Me’, released by surprise seven months ago, has hit 28 million views on YouTube. He strips himself down and shows us who he really can be and how gosh dang talented he is. ‘Save Me’ has to be one of the most relatable songs of 2020, not only by his fans, but by creative artists as well.

Struggle has the same hustle and that's evident. 2020 brought great joy to Struggle as he bought his dream home, giving his family everything he ever wanted to in this life. Struggle put out a number of videos in 2020. #SaveTheChildren has been a major movement for Struggle, releasing 'Cry for Help’ with his daughter Brianna Harness and 'God We Need You Now' with Caitlynn Curtis. Caitlynn Curtis was actually the first artist signed to Struggle’s label, Angels and Outlaws, other than family. Music in Struggle‘a house is a family adventure and it's absolutely amazing to watch.

2021 will not only bring great things for these two, we will be keeping up with the Defords and the Jennings as they bring us more music to vibe to.

-Kelsey Leigh

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