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Jelly Roll Accomplishes Big Dreams

Jelly Roll has taken 2021 by storm with no signs of slowing.

Photo Credit Jelly Roll Facebook

After Covid squashed tours in 2020 for artists big and small, Jelly used the time to work on music. With the break, he delivered some of his best music to date on three different albums. Songs like "Save Me" and "Creature" rocked the listeners and generated new fans nationwide. For all of his grinding, his hard work started paying huge dividends. All three albums released in 2020, "A Beautiful Disaster," "Self-Medicated," and "Waylon & Willie 4", made their spot on the charts. This year, he reached 1 billion views on YouTube with "Creature" bolstering 34 million views and "Save Me" a whopping 70 million of those views. With the return of tours in 2021, Jelly announced that he would be hitting the road and releasing a new album, "Ballad of the Broken". Scalpers tried to cash in on the tour but that didn't stop fans or Jelly Roll. Every concert has shown huge crowds and amazing performances from Jelly and his crew. One of the most anticipated was a concert in his hometown of Nashville at the historic Ryman Auditorium. The auditorium was packed with Jelly fans and even aired live via YouTube. It was amazing to watch him rock on one of the biggest stages in his hometown. Jelly was only the third rapper to ever perform at the Ryman and the first ever Nashville-native rapper. This was a historic event for him and all those rooting for him. A couple days after the concert, Jelly released a couple posts via Instagram with some more HUGE news! The first was some photos of Jelly Roll on billboards. The captions read that YouTube chose Jelly to represent YouTube Music on billboards in Time Square and Los Angeles.

The next Instagram post was just as exciting. During the show at the Ryman, the Grand Ole Opry reached out to Jelly Roll and asked the singer/rapper to perform on one of the most prevalent stages in American music, possibly the world.

After the representative asks Jelly, you can see how visibly emotional he gets. At first he is in shock. When it starts to sink in, the tears begin to flow. It was such a happy and historical moment. This just goes to show that the grind behind the shine is worth it. With big motivation and work ethic dreams do come true. Watching Jelly Roll's journey from the "10 minute freestyle" to now should be a motivational moment for all musicians. Actually no, it should be an inspiration to anyone with a dream. If you need some words of encouragement, look no further than the Grand Ole Opry post for some Jelly Roll inspiration. "Dream Big! Don't let your past define you, don't let your downfalls or shortcomings tell the story of you. If your dream doesn't scare you, it's not big enough! Shoot for the moon and if you miss, grab a star!" - Jelly Roll via Instagram It's obvious to see the momentum Jelly Roll has created is nowhere nearing an end. 2021 isn't over and there are bound to be so many more amazing moments to come from the bad apple. Check out "Ballads of the Broken" on all platforms now and grab a concert near you. Take a moment to experience a dream coming true.


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