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Big Po Tells Us "I'm From The South"

The song describes everything you could ever expect from the South!!!

I live deep in the south myself, and Big Po explains it perfectly.

Southerners are known to be sweet and good hearted, but don't mistake kindness for weakness. They can handle their own.

Waking up early, plowing fields, and getting the crops ready, then fishing and sitting around a fire while jamming out are a few of the things that not only describe that southern life, but also that country life.

Big Po hit the nail on the head with this one. Many were raised to say “YES SIR, YES MA’AM” and showing respect. Sitting on the porch early in the morning, drinking coffee, and watching the sun rise, starts the day right.

On a Sunday many go to church. We all love a good, home-cooked dinner with fried chicken, sweet tea and gravy at mamaw’s house. We love with everything we have, and learn everything we know from our family.

“I’M FROM THE SOUTH” definitely explains a lot that you can learn about southern living.

Now that's real "Country Rap."

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