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From 4k Visions to Southern Prospect

Anthony Fuller has been making a name for himself within the music genre for the better part of a year. Graphic designs have made his name known. All that time he has had something up his sleeve. Nine years ago, Southern Prospect, aka Anthony Fuller tried his hand with music, but one thing he realized (that many of us from all different kinds of fields in music have found out to be detrimental to your success) in this game is needing money in your pocket to continue to grow.

After 9 years of working the 9 to 5 blue-collar life and stacking that bread away, Southern Prospect is ready to try his hand at the music life again. Now, with a family, he has grown. With the timing being just right, he is ready to let those last 9 years become the past and break out of the mundane life and create more than just graphics. Music has always been a part of Southern Prospects life. During all these years he has grown, seen, and reflected. The time is now for this multifaceted businessman to break out and hit the ground running.

Southern Prospect just traveled from Mississippi to Ohio for the show, "We are United" with Xilla Gore'rel-a. It was his first time hitting the stage. Xilla pushed him and it was a total success. There have been many things said about this particular concert, but one of the many things I have been told by various artists who performed there is that they respect JRob for all he created. You win some and you lose some. Many also have JRob's 6, because many know what he was trying to do and he did do that. He united many artists and these artists have faith in him to come back and try again. This being the first time Southern Prospect hit the stage he lit it up for sure. Check out his performance shot by LadyGxre Productions.

With a whole gang of people behind him, productions and mastering by Drumdummie and mentors like Tj Freeq, Samroc and Xilla, Southern Prospect has moves he is making this year. There will be a few projects he will be releasing as he perfects the craft he once left on the backburner.

It takes guts and a strong back bone to hit the ground running in the music game. Keep those track shoes on SP. You got this.

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