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In Memory of Tommy Chayne

The Country Rap Community was shocked to hear the news that one of thier own musicians had passed away.

Thomas Alan Herring, also known as Tommy Chayne, has been putting music out for more than 10 years. Five years of his music career was spent with Average Joe's Entertainment. He signed with them 2016. He has shared the mic and stage with a variety of styled artists including Colt Ford, Ryan Upchurch, Twang and Round, Katie Noel, Lenny Cooper, Cypress Spring and many more. His charisma and how he carried all that humor was what people remembered most about him. Laughing, he loved to make people laugh as well as feel the words he spoke.

A music video was released the day before his passing called 'Captain America' and has over 10K views on YouTube right now. He most definitely makes many references for more than one Marvel Character. There are so many bars that speak to who he was in life, 'Whole clique like the Justice League', 'Playing music smoking loud like I'm Bill Clinton', 'Superman you can call me Tommy Chayne' and 'Shine like the sun cuz boy I'm a star'. There had to have been no dull moments when Tommy was around. A proud American and a great friend to all those who knew him. He will be missed greatly.

The song 'King of the Pines' ft. Ryan Upchurch sits at a more than 940K views on YouTube. These two men give you the visual of them both in a customized truck with soft lights, bumping to the beat of the song, while sippin' on some good ol' shine, and passing that blunt around. This is a stoner jam and rightfully so.

He brought a smile to faces of many and will be deeply missed. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, friends, and supporters.

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