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Mic Manik and Redneck Nation Join Forces For 2022

"Redneck Remix" by Mic Manik is one of the most well-known songs in the early history of Country Rap. It features an array of talented artists and stands as a testament at how country rappers can come together to produce amazing music.

With that said, it only makes sense that the artist responsible for the redneck anthem would join forces with the one-and-only redneck music label and clothing line that holds down the genre. That's right y'all, Mic Manik has signed to Redneck Nation! This is such great news for the genre.

I recently talked to Mic about this good news. He was thoroughly excited to be added to the roster of talent coming from Redneck Nation and Battleground Records. Everyone is familiar with Ryan Upchurch. Most know Bottleneck and Seth Anthony, as well. Jericho is also quickly coming up the ranks along with other amazing artists that rock with Redneck Nation and Battleground Records.

Mic has had previous offers in the past from labels, but those offers never felt right. He honestly thought that he'd never sign with a label. When I interviewed Mic for the first time, almost a year ago now, he stated that he had no desire to be on a label other than his own. So what changed? Bobby Nakliki is what changed.

Redneck Nation and Battleground Records are owned by Bobby and his wife Laura. Mic says that they are some of the most down to earth, and genuinely nice Christian people that he has ever met. When working with them, it is more like being with family. He and Bobby had been talking for a while. Mic said that they were on the same page with so much that is important to him. Bobby supported Mic's daily "You Are Not Alone" initiative to bring awareness to mental health and wellbeing, a movement that is close to Mic's heart. Bobby and Laura also held the same moral values as Mic's family when it pertained to a Christianly worldview. In their talks, Bobby was very encouraging and supportive of Mic's musical talent. Mic said Bobby was like the Uncle who told you what you needed to hear and not what you wanted to hear. He enjoyed how straightforward and genuine Bobby was. Mic is excited for what is to come. Finally, he will be able to work with someone that can help bring his visions to life. Most of his music career has been him pushing his music alone. He did have his good friend, David Ray and Dammit Boy Records, help him create music over the years. The reality is that there is so much more to the industry than just putting out a song nowadays. It is hard for one man to do it all. With the Redneck Nation team behind him, the sky's the limit.

You can look forward to lots of new music coming in 2022 but that's not all. They are making movies to match the quality music. One of the albums set to release this year will have a video for every song on the album. That's right, there will be more than one project that will be set to release this year!

So, Manik Nation, ya better fix ya face, because 2022 is going to be the year to be a Mic Manik fan.

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