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Country Rapper Big Chuk on the Discovery Channel!

The highly-anticipated 13th season of Moonshiners is on the horizon, set to premiere on January 2nd at 8 p.m. EST on the Discovery Channel. Offering a sneak peek into the upcoming season, a recently unveiled promo promises a captivating journey into the

world of moonshining.

Stepping into the spotlight this season is Big Chuk, a prominent figure in the moonshine scene and well known country rapper. Known for his compelling music, including hits like "Country boy style" and "Trouble," Big Chuk is poised to play a more prominent role in the unfolding drama of the moonshining world.

Renowned moonshiner Steven Ray Tickle hints at the season's fresh perspective on backwoods innovation. The episodes are set to explore the clash between entrenched traditions and the movement advocating for the legalization of home distillation, as we

watch Tickle launch a campaign to legalize home distilling.

Tickle, a advocate for preserving the age-old craft, asserts, “We keep concocting new recipes that fetch top dollar. We're determined to keep this legacy alive for another hundred years.” The premiere episode sets the stage for Tickle's push to legalize home distilling, alongside other intriguing storylines.

Big Chuk From moonshiners

Amidst unexpected revelations in the season opener, including a shocking health diagnosis for the legendary moonshiner Digger, Big Chuk emerges as a key player. Collaborating with his cousin Joe Boy, they aspire to escalate their modest moonshine operation to dominance in Little Rock's illicit liquor scene, teaming up with notorious shiners Henry and Kenny Law.

The season promises a captivating blend of familiar faces and compelling newcomers, with Big Chuk's presence poised to bring an added dimension to the unfolding narrative. Executive producer Matthew Ostrom reflects on the show's unexpected success, stating, “After the first season, many thought it would be a one-time affair. I didn't anticipate its meteoric rise.”

As the moonshining drama unfolds in the latest season of Moonshiners, keep an eye out for Big Chuk's escalating presence and the captivating twists he brings to the story. And for an extra taste of his talents, be sure to catch his latest release—a sizzling new music video that adds another layer of intrigue to this multifaceted country rapper's persona.

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