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Hosier Lands NASCAR Placement

What does country rap and this past weekend's Nascar race have in common? Is it the sound of an engine roaring down the straight away? Is it the smell of freshly packed dirt or a newly opened can of Busch light spilling into the grandstands? The answer is yes, yes and yes. One thing they also have in common is they both have "Long Bumpy Road", which happens to be a song done by Indiana's very own, Hosier.

If you watched this past weekend's Nascar Food City Dirt race at Bristol Motor Speedway, then you may have seen that Nascar on Fox used Hosiers 2016 hit song, "Long Bumpy Road" for a montage of dirt track racing videos dating back to their dirt track roots to showing todays current race being the first Nascar race held on dirt in nearly 50 years. As a matter of fact, Hosier actually had no idea that this was all about to happen at this historic race.

In a recent interview with Country Rap news, he said he received a phone call from a California phone number and he was happy he answered it. Fox asked if they could use the song for the whole race season not knowing a day or two later it would be nationally televised for the first time. At first Hosier thought it was a prank call but it was far from it. Now who brought the attention of this song to Nascar is the next question? That remains the mystery as Hosier doesn’t even know who it was, but rumor has it he is a Nascar driver.

Hosier also made a Facebook post after the race stating “Prob the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever made in the music business!! Now it’s time to surpass this one!"

Not only is this a big day for Nascar but it is also a big day for Hosier and country rap as well. Fox will be using the song for the remainder of the race season. We wonder what’s coming next from Hosier as we expect to see him surpass this accomplishment soon, and hope Nascar and others continue to dip into our genre for more of their content. Hosier for the win!

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