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Music Releases for 5/21-5/27

We are wrapping up May with some good music. The feel of summer is starting to show in the releases. Get ready for an awesome summer of bangers.

Apalachee Don & Selby Todd- " Old Code"

Apalachee Don and Selby Todd have been building up the anticipation on this one for a hot minute. These guys know what it means to live by the old code. If you like southern rock and outlaw country, you will really dig this one.

OverTime and Cymple Man - "Down Here"

OverTime and Cymple Man speak out about the state of our nation and the affects it takes on the working man. It talks about how people are meant to think for themselves unless they are thinking about how to make money at work. It's definitely an eye opener.

Ryan Upchurch- " What I Claim"

Upchurch has always been that guy who claims all of who he is. He lives what he speaks and speaks how he lives. He is that Redneck hillbilly, weed smokin', fast drivin', small town family man. Ryan has always said that at the end of the day he only cares that his family is taken care of. If this song isn't 100% Ryan, you'd be lying.

Stormie Leigh - "Whiskey and Lines"

Stormie Leigh is most definitely a woman to watch out for in 2021. She not only found her melody, but her reinvention has been inspiring to watch. Stormie dropped an album earlier this year that was different from what we've heard before. Life inspires her when she is writing, as it does most artists, but there is just something different about her way of writing now. It's deeper, it makes you think, and it gets those feels going. The picture she writes, for those listening, can give you chills. I can't wait to see and hear what else is in store for us!

Wade B- " All I Know"

Wade Berry has been around for years, and if you are just getting to know him, this is a great song to do it to. Wade is a kind and dedicated artist who brings nothing but real world and life events to his music. He always has that story, that you need to hear, to help you get through a tough day. In this song he makes it clear that all he knows is he will give it his all to get what he wants. His hustle is one that will soon be seen for what it is. He doesn't have to pretend. He doesn't have to fake a thing. Wade B is on the rise and 2021 will hopefully be the year millions of Country Rap supporters get a taste of what he has to offer the genre.

Xila-Gore-Rel-A - "Kuntry Rap"

If you watch the Country Rap genre closely, you have to have seen Xila- Gore-Rel-A. He has been in many songs with his fellow artists. Most recently he was in a video collaboration with Tj Freeq, Shamroc and Shamu the Panda called "True Grit." He also put out a video to "Almost Over" featuring Something Sacred with a special appearance by Boon Dock Kingz. This man has no intentions of slowing down the work on his music career, and his supporters are down for the ride. As a full time, professional body piercer, he told me he is at a position of taking his time and perfecting himself in all possible ways.

Cory Davidson- "I like To Party"

The summer is coming and everyone is looking for that party music. Cory Davidson popped on the scene and added a new one to the playlists. You can bet this one will get you ready for the party.

Adam Calhoun & Struggle Jennings- " No Fly Zone"

With the release of their collab album, Struggle and Adam brought the heat. This song is no different.

Alston Webb - "Cowboy Power Ranger"

If you are a 90's kid, this one is a fun song that you'll enjoy. It references "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers" and "Walker, Texas Ranger" in an upbeat country and rap mash up. Perfect for reminiscing on those early childhood memories. The video is just fun and the song is catchy.

Seth Anthony- "Reckless"

Seth is speaking out for those dealing with personal demons and trying to overcome them. This song is raw and real. He talks about his own personal walk with addiction and what living reckless can be like. The song pulls for all those broken souls crying out for change.

Hard Target - "Nothing Like Me"

"All them bad boys, baby, that you're hoping to find, bet they ain't nothing like me." - Hard Target

Hard Target pulls no punches with this one. It's one of those confidence building bangers that just gets you all revved up.

***Note from the Country Rap New Staff***

We are a very small group of people trying to stay on top of an ever-growing genre. If we happened to accidentally miss a release, please feel free to message us on Facebook here with the Artist, Title and YouTube link and we will include it in the following week's releases. Also, if you are an artist and you have a video/album dropping soon, feel free to message us to give us a heads up.

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