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Rich Regal and Syni Stix Got That "Drip"

Friday, April 9th, Rich Regal released a new album called "P.O.S." It contained many great songs with collabs from guys like Lil Wyte, Syni Stix, Bezz Believe, and MoneyFace Boogie.

On the same day of the release, Rich and Syni dropped a killer video for their song "Drip" off the album. True to the song, the video is all about getting their "Drip" on.

The video takes place in a barber shop, where Rich asks if anyone can get him "drip drip" ready for a music video. Syni is already in there getting barber shop fresh. The scenes also cut into an auto body shop, where the paint is dripping. Joe Stix even makes an appearance.

To find Rich Regal on your favorite platform click the link below.

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