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Ryan Cancels Texas Show?!

Blue Moon Ent. has announced that Ryan Upchurch has canceled his upcoming show in Dallas Texas at Gas Monkey Bar and Grill.

Below is a Blue Moon Entertainment Facebook post saying the Country Rapper is taking some much-needed time off.

Recently Ryan posted on his Instagram that he felt really annoyed lately and that he just couldn't catch a break. He locked himself out of his house, while the carbon monoxide detector was going off. In the video Ryan looked tired and said he needed a vacation. If there is anyone who deserves to spoil themselves and lock themselves away for a good period of time, it would be Ryan.

We all need to decompress sometimes, even if we have made prior commitments. Life gets heavy, especially if you are in the spotlight like Ryan is. If it's for the sake of a person's sanity, a moment to shake off all that weight is needed.

As for his fans, there should be no worries about the cancelled show. All tickets were refunded in full. No harm, no foul ticket wise.

Below is a video of Ryan's recent Instagram stories that were collected and released by Dylan Talkz on YouTube a few days ago. In the video, you can see how Ryan had been feeling recently.

Country Rap News did reach out to a member of Ryan's team, and if we hear back from them, we will update all of our information to make sure it's as accurate as can be.

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