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Ryan Upchurch's recreates 1992 Alan Jackson's Midnight in Montgomery

Alan Jackson and Hank Williams Sr. were great friends. Both are icons to many of those who have listened to any outlaw country music. Ryan Upchurch recently recreated the tribute that Jakson made for Hank back in 1992. The original by Jackson was based under the moonlight at Hank Williams Sr and his wife's gravesite in Montgomery, Alabama.

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Ryan is paying his respects to those who have inspired him along his journey. Both Alan Jackson and Hank Williams Sr are just two of those legends that that he has deep respect for.

Ryan just released and rendition of an Elvis song "If I can dream." In good fashion, Ryan kept it in black and white. The videography is amazing and Ryan never seems to disappoint on that end either. Ryan knows he has so much to be thankful for and has grown so much in his career. It's exciting to watch. Staying true to himself and not letting material things change his perception of life. With every album he has released, every single may it be, rap or country all you see from this young 30-year-old man is growth. We all know how much this man loves some Elvis too, but he isn't trying to be Elvis. He's just good Old Ryan Upchurch!

Ryan talked about driving to Montgomery in his Lamborghini to film Midnight in Montgomery and that it was probably one of the sketchiest things he's ever done. Not to mention the gunfire and spookiness that came with being at Hanks gravesite. He took to YouTube to talk about it, and my goodness, its one to watch.

Ryan has paid homage to many musicians along his journey. From Kid Rock to Garth Brooks, Alice and Chains to Thomas Rhett and I'm still probably forgetting some. Ryan says AIC is a favorite of his. His tribute to AIC is in his intro to "Nutshell". He says, "I grew up in the country, listening to all types of music. Anything from Hank Jr to Eminem. But one thing that was jammed in my neck of the woods was Alice and Chains. And the way Layne Staley sang, grabbed you and made you listen to what he was saying and made you actually feel the words. And that inspires me to write about what I feel and not what people just want to hear."

The truth in his words right there is how many fans of his music feel as well. Ryan has become such an influential individual in the music industry. You can't even deny it at this point. Ryan has paved a way that many in the game wouldn't have seen otherwise. His eagerness to take on the industry, that has fucked over so many, has become a force all of its own. We don't know what Ryans next move is. We don't need to know and to put if frankly, many of us want to be surprised. The mind inside the man is the tip of the iceberg and a revolution has most certainly begun. This is Free Flows homage to a man, a musician, a business man and an all-around Bad mutha fuka! Keep surprising us, we love it!

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Hannah Miller
Hannah Miller
10. helmik. 2022

I swear, Ryan Upchurch is the redneck Superman, at this point! I think that we can all agree, on the fact that he's a legend, just as he dreamed of. Congrats, Ryan! What an accomplishment! If I ever decide to go in the music career, I know for sure, that I'll never equal up to half of what and who he is- a hero, and an inspiration.

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