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States offer HUGE incentive for SHOTS?!

In California they passed a $116.5-million-dollar vaccine incentive program where 10 fully vaccinated Californians could split $15 million cash. $50,000 will be given away to 30 people each Friday. $100 million will be on put on $50 dollar gift cards.

Now as if your ass isn't chapped from just reading about California, here are a few more states I looked into before nearly causing myself an aneurism.

Minnesota's incentives come with a motto, "Get out and Explore." A tad ironic in more ways than one. Some of their incentives include, gift cards, amusement park tickets, fishing license, and state park permits. I'd like to think that there won't be anything else added, but I'm most likely wrong.

Now Las Vegas has 2 million dollars in cards along with free lap dances. Just as I suspected in the city of sin. Hell, I just want the free lap dance. It's said that there may be mixed feelings with residents about this. Now every male has an excuse to get a free lap dance. "It could save the world!" There will be more details outlined when they make them up and publish them. More will most likely come. I wish I was joking about these incentives, but I can't make this shit up.

In Delaware, they are doing drawings two times a week for 5K. Those that are aged 12+, and are vaccinated between May 25 and June 29, will be entered along with anyone 12-17 who is up to date. Delaware is also giving away a 4-day vacation, a full scholarship to Delaware University, state park passes, tickets for camping at the Firefly Music Festival, and on June 30 every person who has been vaccinated will be entered to win 302K cash along with two low number license plates. Don't forget those license plates. Those are much needed right now...Haha.

New York has coined their incentive program, "Vax & Scratch." Those that are up to date with their vaccine will receive a $20 lottery ticket for the 5 million Mega Multiplier Lottery. Vax and Scratch could mean something different when the first defect is seen in a fully vaccinated human. The flesh-eating Krokodil scratch, perhaps?

In Ohio, if you are under 18, you are put into a drawing to receive a 4-year full ride to any Ohio college or university. You're room, board and tuition may be paid in full if you win. There is a weekly drawing for a 1-million-dollar prize for those aged 18 and older. Let's target that young crowd and make them feel pressured even more.

Employers are now able to offer incentives and bonuses. Krispy Kreme doughnuts is offering a free doughnut a day for the rest of the year with proof of vaccination. There was a Cinema in Cleveland Ohio that gave away free popcorn with a Covid-19 card, as well as a brewery giving away 10 cent beers for the first 2,021 adults who bring a complete card. A dispensary in Michigan has a motto of "Pot for Shots," and is giving away a free pre rolled joint (for those over 21) that show proof of card. The dispensary said, "It's our way of saying thank you for helping to end this pandemic and getting us back to normal".

AT&T, Instacart, Trader Joe’s, Chobani, Petco, Target, MacDonald's and Dollar General are offering time off and extra money. I suspect more companies will jump on this band wagon. Makes you wonder what the company is getting in return for giving these ridiculous incentives.

Kroger is a grocery store chain that is awarding employees $100 in store credit in addition to this one-time payment for taking the vaccine. Publix is another chain recently said it will give associates a $125 to use in the store after they get both shots. You must be nuts if you think in store credit would make Forrest Gump run to my local Covid 19 vaccine dealer.

I don't know what to think of all of this. What does it say for the shot if people are being essentially bribed into getting it done? I feel for those people who are in desperation and in need of the money being offered. It may go against how they were previously feeling about actually putting the vaccine inside of them. Now they do it because there is money involved. What's that saying? The love of money is the root of all evil? Seems kind of fitting. What about an employee who refuses to get the shot? Are they going to be fired? How can you fire someone for not getting it, if that's how they feel? It's absolutely insane watching this shit unfold right in front of our eyes. This vaccine hasn't been tested or been out long enough for some people to risk taking it. It certainly was never tested on pregnant women. We don't know what it might do to some people. Just like the flu shot, we can't predict how one will react.

At the end of the day, it should be a choice. It shouldn't be glorified. It shouldn't be pushed on anyone. The money that's being given away for bribing those to get it, should go towards something else the taxpayers agree on. Talk about a need to protest, I'd protest today. I'll be the Mrs. Reagan of the Covid shot, "Just say no".

We strive to be unbiased as a News outlet but this has gone way too far.

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