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The Future President Knows Ryan Upchurch?!

It's been an interesting week for Ryan Upchurch. Along with turning 30 (Happy Birthday from all of us at Country Rap News!), and taking a much needed vacation, Ryan also cleared up a legal issue that had been looming around. The resolution of said matter led to conservative talk show host Candace Owens speaking out on the situation on Instagram and an invite for him to speak on her show.

Earlier in the year, Ryan had a short relationship with viral comedian, Nicole Arbour. We watched as the relationship went sour publicly. Nicole went live on Instagram to say that she had been woken up by cops wanting her to return Ryan's wallet. In the video, she acts like she doesn't understand why they came instead of Ryan. She says she is innocent. All this while she was going through Ryan's wallet and making comments about there being no money in it.

Ryan replied with a video of his own that was full of text message proof. He stated that they had an argument and he left. He forgot the wallet and sent his manager to retrieve it. She wouldn't give the manager the wallet. People tried for 4 days to retrieve the wallet without avail. Finally, Ryan filed a police report and explained why the cops showed up at Nicole's residence.

Later we learned that Nicole filed an Emergency Protective Order on Ryan. She said she feared for her life over the situation. The judge granted the order. Now, Ryan has video showing him walking, with what looks like an attorney at a courthouse. In the video he says, "Order of protection, dismissed."

Later in the day, Candace Owens posted an Instagram story warning all conservatives to avoid Nicole Arbour. You can check out some of her story in a collective video, that was posted on YouTube, at around the 50 second mark.

In her IG story, Candace asked those reading to look up situations with Nicole and her ex boyfriends: Ryan, Matthew Santoro, and Tommy Vext. Candace believes that you can see an eerily similar pattern of behavior from Nicole.

She states that she has never spoken to Ryan but she felt she needed to speak on the subject. She said that Nicole had her, and thousands of Candace's followers, blocked to keep them from speaking the truth. Candace shared some backstory of the incident with Nicole and Ryan. She continued on to say that Nicole had verbally attacked her in a video, went on her show and made wild allegations, then said that her life would be threatened if Candace aired the footage from the show. Candace said it was very similar to how she did Upchurch by saying her life was threatened by others showing proof of her antics.

Candace said she was asked not to speak out about the subject, but men deserve to be defended too. She stated that women who lie are dangerous, and men deserve justice against false allegations.

Later in the evening, Candace Owens went live via Instagram for her pre-show update. She went into further explaining details on why she felt so strongly about speaking out in Upchurch's defense, and against women who make false accusations against men for selfish reasons. We've provided the video below.

As you can see in Dylan's video, Ryan immediately went to his IG story to talk about how cool it was that Candace Owens knew who he was, and that she was talking about him in her story. He was visibly excited. He called her the future president, and said he will definitely vote for her. A few hours later he announced, in a Facebook post, that Candace had asked him to be on her show.

He also thanked Candace in an IG post for standing up for the truth.

Country Rap News plans on following this story as it develops. It doesn't sound like this is the end of the discussion. We hope to see Ryan on Candace's show and where the discussion may go from there.

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