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The Legend Colt Ford

If you've never seen that microphone stand with our beautiful American flag wrapped around it sitting on stage, then you haven't seen one of the best concerts you will ever attend. Jason Brown aka "Colt Ford" has blessed country music fans with eight albums and several singles to hit the top of the charts. This includes a song he co-wrote with Brantley Gilbert “Dirt Road Anthem.”

Jason was born in Athens, GA on August 27, 1969. A fun fact most might not know is that Jason tried his hand at pro golf in the 1990s and still does many benefits involving golf, but always had a love for music. Ford’s ability to mesh country and rap immediately drew attention. Colt released his first album “Ride through the Country” on December 2nd, 2008 through Average Joes Entertainment, in which he is also co-founder and co-owner with his partner Shannon Houchins. The album included the single “Ride through the Country”, featuring John Michael Montgomery. The song charted the week of October 10, 2009. The album also contained a fan favorite called "Dirt Road Anthem" featuring Brantley Gilbert. Later, Jason Aldean released his own version, making the song even more popular.

Ford's second album "Chicken and Biscuits" was released in April 2010. It included another fan favorite called “Chicken and Biscuits". On May 3, 2011, Ford released his 3rd album " Every Chance I Get". The single "Country Thang" also charted the week of February 19, 2011.

At this point, Ford was becoming a popular name in the country music business. He released his fourth album, “Declaration of Independence”. It became his first number one album. Ford's highest-charting single to date was on this album. "Back", featuring Jake Owen. "Back" made it to the top 40 in 2012.

July 1, 2014, Ford released his fifth album, “Thanks for Listening", followed by album six, "Love Hope Faith". The video for the single, “4 Lane Gone”, was released September 11, 2016, and the album was released May 5, 2017.

Colt’s latest album, "We the People" (Volume One)" was released in September 2019 and Volume two was released in 2020. Colt is very proud of his 'We the people' albums and says, “If you listen to my records you'll know exactly who I am.” A good ol' American Family Man, a musician with a hobby of golfing, Colt has laid down some groundwork to become the legend he is today!

Throughout Ford's career, he has rocked stages everywhere with his outgoing personality. He has performed with some of music biggest names including Charlie Daniels, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean, and many more. Colt Ford has brought country rap to a whole new level and has definitely won a place in the hearts of his fans nationwide.

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