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Who TF Is Justin Time? Hits #1 Album on Blues Chart

If you haven't listened to "Smells Like Bad News" released two days ago by Who TF Is Justin Time? and Austin Martin, you are missing out on a great freaking album!

Here's what Justin had to say when he woke up the day after its release;

"Today we woke up with the #1 Blues album in the world. But it’s no time to celebrate. We shot two music videos the past 2 days that need edited... we have 2 more songs to go to finish up the next album. All gas no brakes. This shots for the fans and supporters... you believed in a city-slicking boy from Indiana when nobody else did... thank you."

Justin never ceases to amaze his supporters. Here's the song "Whiskey Baby", my personal favorite! Great Job Justin and Austin!

Redneck Rave tickets go on sale February 1st, 2021, don't miss out on the party and vibes!

-Kelsey Leigh

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