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Ziggy Rice former Country Rap "Manager" Gets charged with attempted murder TWICE

If you have been a loyal fan to the Country Rap genre, you know the name Ziggy Rice or Zachery Williams. Ziggy was arrested in California with two other men in an attempted murder investigation.

Months before that he was fleeing from Arkansas to California from another attempted murder charge. He allegedly shot a man while with his girlfriend. Ziggy is also being charged with 2 counts of sodomy, 2 counts of rape and 2 counts of attempted murder.

Meghan Cain, also known as Dani Rae, was also involved. We reached out for a quote but she refused to comment. However, we found an old post via social media about her side of the story.

Dani Rea Facebook

According to public court documents, Meghan was offered a plea deal. She has until July 14th to accept the plea or she will be set to go to trial over her part in the crime.

According to those closest to Ziggy at the time, it appeared that he was having signs of having mental issues right before both incidents occurred. He hasn't been a stranger to the law or being behind bars. I personally spoke with him awhile back as well. As more information comes to light, we'll keep you updated.

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