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A chat with Young Gunner

Young Gunner is a well known country rap artist. An OG pioneer in the country rap scene.

When I contacted Gunner to set up an interview he was on the hunt for some “fat ducks” and he said he would give me a call later. This is true for his character. His tik tok shows what an active hunter and outdoorsman Gunner really is.

Gunner was born in Albany, GA and raised in Athens since he was 15 years old. It’s a fun fact to know that Luke Bryan is from the same county.

His childhood was a mix between something hillbilly and something you see in 8 mile. He said, “My mother was an addict so I was forced to live a young independent lifestyle.”

Music was a big part of who he was, even then. He learned to play the drums at age 8! When Gunner was 12-13, he said “I can remember standing in front of the mirror rapping and envisioning myself on stage”

At age 15, Gunner recorded in a studio for the first time, and in 2011 Riding High dropped with the group the Jawga Boyz. The biggest issue, Gunner said, he has faced is getting the buzz out while trying to grow as an artist and an individual after leaving the Jawga Boyz.

Gunner says the only thing he will lose sleep over is touring or duck hunting.

His most memorable show was with Jawga Boyz, The Lacs and Twang and Round.

I asked Gunner what we can be on the lookout for in 2021, and he said he had tons of music stacked up and ready to go.

“Self research was a big key in my journey” he replied when I asked what advice he has for someone following in his footsteps. “Be ready to work, invest in yourself, and do not stop no matter what. Live and breath your dream”

Gunner would like to shout out Franklin Embry, DJ Canyon Banyon, Camo Collins, and also Austin Webb. With a huge SHOUTOUT for DBG.

“I appreciate the fans still rocking. I’m blessed to have y’all as fans. We gonna ride this wagon till the wheels fall of

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