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Adam Calhoun "I Can't Rap"

Adam Calhoun released new music with a video, and it is one of his best. He brought the heat with this new song, titled "I Can't Rap", and people will be feeling the burn for weeks to come.

He comes out swinging in the first verse. Full-on Adam Calhoun energy, with lyrics like, "You don't really want the beef. Name the place. I'll bring the plates and the napkins."

The hook continues with the same energy.

"Bitch, I rap my ass off.

Bitch, I rap my ass off.

I been this way since a pup. Granddaddy gave me the pump.

Told me to point it at a punk.

Take away a chump."

The video was a piece of editing greatness. It was full of graphics and special effects that really tied the song and the video together. Both were lit. Definitely give it a watch. You won't be sorry.

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