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All Gas, No Brakes: Bankhead and Kenny MacGuyver Discuss New Plans

What happens when two rivals become best friends? They join forces and take over the game. That's what two battle rappers known as Bankhead and Kenny MacGuyver are set to do. The two met over a decade ago at a battle rap. Bankhead remembered watching Kenny, and he knew he wanted to take him on. "Kenny was it. Watching him battle, I knew I was gunning for him. He was the one I wanted to beat." That competitive nature still drives their relationship today. When it comes to their music, they try to outdo one another. That notion leads them both to step out of their comfort zone, try new things, and produce some high quality music. However, it isn't all about being competitive. There is no ego between the two of them. They strive to help each other grow, and learn from one another. They also balance each other. Kenny is very good with websites and dealing with behind the scenes. Bankhead is the people-person and the voice.

The two recently decided that they would no longer be solo artists. Instead, they joined forces to become a duo of sorts. It only made sense because they both were going in the same direction with their music. Kenny said, "We're just here to win. It doesn't matter who scores the touchdown. The whole team wins. It's a team effort." They took that team mentality and ran with it. The duo formed a label, All Gas No Brakes (AGNB Productions,) and began making music that had that old school sound with content that could still reach the newer generation. The duo fits perfectly in the generational gap in hip-hop. "Presence of a Boss" was their first collaborative album. Songs off the album reached views in the 10s of thousands, like Bankhead's "10 for 10". The positive reception really drove home that they were on the right route. Their next project is bound to raise the bar higher. The official title, "Royal Rumble'' says it all.

The artists have collabed with multiple other artists to create an album full of some of the best in independent hip-hop. This album will be lined with competitive artists trying to show their best works.

When describing the "Royal Rumble", Kenny said, "It's going to be like wrestling. We're either making hits or knocking them out of the ring."

One of the first songs set to release off the upcoming album is a song called "Freak Like Me" by Bankhead featuring King Jay da Blountman. Bankhead says that he and King Jay have totally different styles, but this proves how versatile he can be as an artist.

"This song shows that I am not just a battle rapper. I can link up with anybody and make a hit," Bankhead said.

The goal for this year is to continue to grow together. They want to be everywhere. The duo plans to push out consistent music and branch out their label.

AGNB website to get notices about what's to come. Be prepared. The ring's been set up and it's time for the main event. Are you ready to rumble?

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