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Bankhead goes "10 for 10" with the "Presence of a Boss"

If you are a hip hop artist, you have to have the presence of a boss. Recently, Boomsound Factory introduced Free Flow Ent. to someone who embodies just that, the artist known as Bankhead. Bankhead is a multifaceted individual who puts in the work with a boss mentality. He is a father and husband. Family comes first, but music is like family to him too. Everything he does is to support his family and further his music.

Bankhead spent most of his life in Muskegon, Michigan and San Diego, California. The past few years have been spent in North Carolina and now Virginia. One thing that followed him through these moves has been the music. In 6th grade, Bankhead attended a house party of Eric Lyons. While chilling, he noticed people asking another guy to rap. The boy, named David, started spitting a verse from Mystikal's "I Smell Smoke". Bankhead was awed by the reactions of the people around him. Everyone seemed captivated by David. Bankhead knew, at that moment, that he wanted to be able to perform and get that reaction from a crowd. The same year, he heard Cassidy battle Freeway, and witnessed the crazy amount of buzz circling about it. It pushed the need further for Bankhead. Around 18, Bankhead got into battle rap. People were getting into his battles and liked his content. There was a lot of positive talk. It led him into a studio for the first time. Bankhead says he never writes until hearing the beat in the studio. When the beat comes on, the words just flow out. He tries to focus on how the beat makes him feel, then builds off it with the intricacies of storytelling. Knowing how he excels in battle rap, this process makes sense. His latest album, "Presence of a Boss," proves just how talented Bankhead is. The album is a collaborative project with a friend, and fellow artist Kenny MacGuyver and featured other artists, like T Graham and K-Soul. It is jam packed with crazy good music from all involved. The album has picked up some traction. One song from the album, Bankhead's "10 for 10," has definitely hit the mark. The video has seen over 10,000 views in less than a month.

Bankhead, along with Kenny MacGuyver, isn't slowing down now. Their next album, "Royal Rumble," will be dropping in 2022. It will feature tons of collabs from multiple artists. Bankhead plans on doing a lot of shows in 2022. There will also be a lot of networking. This includes podcasts, and radio stations. The skies are the limit and he is shooting 10 for 10. If you aren't prepared, you better be.

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