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Did you see what Chad Mac just did?

Although it's been a while since we've seen a Chad Mac video with some daisy dukes and chicks with their hands in the air, wait no more. Chad just released a new, killer music video to his new song called "Country Girl" yesterday.

In this video, Augusta, Georgia's very own, Chad Mac is showing us that even though it's been a while, that doesn't mean he's lacking in his well-known skills. Chad brought it in with some southern cuties dancing in this video. His love for them daisy dukes still show, as his style carries on throughout previous videos as well.

Listening to this song, any man can relate to it as every man dream of finding that perfect Country Girl one day. There is one southern belle that might stand out to some, and that's Chad Mac's wife. She can be seen fishing and dancing in the video too. Although it seems like he already has his country girl, we all can relate to the feelings of this song. It's a great song by Chad Mac and an even better video. We can't wait to see what he puts out next. Check out the new video now!

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