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Chucky Workclothes "With him you know what you're gonna get"

If you aren’t familiar with the artist Chucky Workclothes, you’ll be surprised to find that the Indianapolis native has been putting out bangers and touring the country for the past 13 years. He’s had multiple albums and seen 43 out of the 50 states. His passion for music has been relevant his whole life. Chucky’s close friends would say that he’s been a hip-hop head from the get go.

Growing up, other kids were playing with toys while Chucky was collecting tapes. When the other boys were playing toss with their dads in the backyard, he was spending time with his dad in a radio station listening to music while his dad did his radio show. Music has always been a part of what describes him. Even his label, Team Insomnia, represents the long days and late nights he spends grinding out quality music.

His new EP, City Blocks and Truck Stops, is just another glimpse into his passion for the music he makes. The 7 song EP was released December 29th and can be found everywhere music can be streamed. Be prepared, though, each song will hook you in a little more.

When asked which songs on the album that he favored personally, Chucky talked about the song also titled City Blocks and Truck Stops. He released a video prior to the album drop that you can check out here.

Another song he mentioned, titled Old Truck, is a representation of himself. Like an old truck, he says, he is dependable and you know what you are going to get from him. The song is just another way that he uses music to represent who he is as a person; hard working and dependable.

Whether this EP is the first you’ve heard of Chucky Workclothes, or you are a long time fan, you can bet you will find a song that brings out the Team Insomniac in you. His music and grind is infectious like that. Between this EP, new projects already being planned, and concerts already scheduled, 2021 is bound to be a big year for Chucky and his fans.

You can catch Chucky performing songs from City Blocks and Truck Stops live January 30th at The Warehouse Concert Lounge and Event Center in Clarksville, Tennessee. The Warehouse will be hosting the 6 States of Great concert where several greats from the underground, including Chucky, will be blowing up the stage. Find out more about the concert or buy your tickets at

Concert or not, definitely check out City Blocks and Truck Stops EP. It is well worth the listen. Also, give Chucky Workclothes a like on all social media to keep up with the latest news and upcoming projects. You won’t be disappointed!

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