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“Comfortably Lonely” Struggle Jennings and Jelly Roll

Struggle Jennings and Jelly Roll released a video for the most heartfelt song on their album, “Waylon & Willie IV“. The song, ”Comfortably Lonely”, featuring Struggle’s daughter Brianna Harness, maybe the one song that you truly feel their pain in your core.

The duo has always been open about their pasts and the lessons they have learned. One of the hardest things they share with their fans is the pain they both carry from losing friends and loved ones from senseless acts of violence or drug addictions. In 2019, the two artists lost loved ones, may they rest in peace.

The song starts out with Struggle sharing about their friends. He says, “Long live Chizzle and Chop, damn. I'm wearin' 41Kulture so your movement doesn't stop. Hurts me that I'm talking about you now in past tense. I won't let you die in vein. I'mma make it make sense”.

The video goes into greater detail with the bonds that Struggle and Jelly Roll had with their friend Chizzle. It shows footage of them cutting up as a way to remember the good times.

Brianna has a way of singing on a hook with so much soul and blues that it shakes you to the core. Her hauntingly, beautiful voice sings out, “Holes in my soul. Searching for the holy. Nobody really knows me. Dying too fast. Don't wanna die slowly. Nobody really knows me. I'm comfortably lonely.”

Jelly is known for his soul-shaking lyrics. "Comfortably lonely" is no different:

“How do you heal when you feel your heart's so broken? The world moves fast but I see it in slow motion. I left the streets, couldn't risk the penitentiary. Now I'm alone, so making it was bittersweet, But thank God I'm finally done with it,” Jelly sings. The video is real and raw. The song is too. My heart breaks watching the video. Thank you, Struggle and Jelly Roll, for sharing real life with your fans. Thank you for making music that helps people get through their struggles. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your friends and family.

If you haven’t seen the video, check it out now below. Also, check out Waylon and Willie IV on all streaming platforms today.

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