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"Cracka Lack On The Track!"

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Where can you start when you are talking about the one and only Cracka Lack? That’s the question I keep asking myself. Cracka Lack’s story is one that anyone can find awe inspiring and his grind is something to be admired.

Cracka Lack, a 32 year old out of Lansing, Michigan, is a man with many titles. In his own terms, he is a music entrepreneur. It’s true in every sense of the phrase.

Cracka Lack is the go to guy, a one stop shop if you will, for musicians. If you need beats, he makes them. If you need a studio to record at, he is an engineer and owner of Crack House Recording Studio. Are you in need of a videographer and producer for a video shoot? Cracka Lack has that covered, too. Once you are ready to distribute hard copies, you may be in need of a CD duplication company. Cracka Lack’s company One Dollar CD Duplication can hook you up. If it has to do with music, Cracka Lack has his hands on it.

Cracka Lack has been pursuing music for the past 17 years. His voice tag alone, “Cracka Lack on the track”, is at least 15 years old. The dream started when he was young and has just kept growing over the years, leading to a successful career.

At the age of 15, his friend got into the music scene. He urged young Cracka Lack to follow him. Cracka Lack soon learned that music was his niche.

Later at 21, his parents insisted that he stop working on his music and get a regular 9 to 5. He got a job at a factory soon after. He said he couldn’t find joy in it. He would wake up, go to work, and come home. Soon, he found himself depressed. He knew if it kept going, he would not be here today. So he quit the job and poured himself into his music career.

Cracka Lack commented, “The thing is, I never had a plan B. So there was no other option or route. This was my only pass and it worked.”

He went on to talk about taking risks at a young age by investing in himself. He would save up a few thousand dollars and spend it all, down to his last dollar, to buy whatever equipment that might help his career. Those risks paid off ten fold.

He recommended anyone serious about a career to take those risks sooner than later. He said he couldn’t take the risks he used to with a family to provide for.

Family is very important to Cracka Lack. That is one thing that he loves about being his own boss, he can make the time to spend with his daughter and girlfriend. His clients understand and respect that about him. They know his time is valuable to him because of it.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone but Cracka Lack said it gave him a chance to pause and catch up on projects that he was behind on. After he was all caught up, it allowed him to spend more time with his little family. It also allowed him to work on other ventures.

During this year, he was able to focus on adding more quality content to his YouTube Channel CrackalackTV and start a podcast Free Game with Crack. The podcast has given him a chance to chat with some interesting characters. The podcast built contacts and gave Cracka Lack the ability to collaborate with others that he had wanted to work with.

As for his YouTube, he already had a solid platform but he found time to ramp up the amount of videos he posted weekly. By adding more videos weekly, he watched his channel double in size this year. Today, he has over 38k subscribers.

The YouTube channel is devoted to behind the scenes content, vlogging his work. Recently, he shared content of the making of his first country music video. If you’ve watched Katie Noel’s video, Miss Tennessee, you will be familiar with some of the footage in his vlog. He was the man behind the camera that produced the quality music video.

Though the video was different than his past videos, he found working with Katie exciting. He knew the pressure was on because Katie had a rather large fan base. He liked the song and it added to the thrill of making the video.

When it came down to it, Katie made his job easy. She had rented out the locations ahead of time and brought everything needed for the video. The video shoot went well. Cracka Lack said he was excited to do more country rap videos in the future.

He also adds tutorials to his YouTube channel that helps aspiring beat makers and videographers learn the tools of the trade. With a career beginning at such an early age, and learning all aspects of the music industry, Cracka Lack has a wealth of knowledge to share with up and comers.

Cracka Lack's next step is to help others learn things that he wished he knew when he began his journey. He finds a lot of fulfillment in it. He is already in the works on finding a way to offer 3 month coaching sessions for those wanting to learn videography or music production one on one. He wants to be able to offer similar information in a digital version. It will be in the form of masterclasses that will be prerecorded and chalked full of information. This option will give those that are unable to join one of his 12 week coaching sessions the ability to learn things needed to improve.

If you are an artist looking for an all in one service, you can't bet Cracka Lack , he's the right man for the track. If you're someone aspiring to work with musicians, he’s the man you want to learn from. His vast knowledge, professionalism, and work ethic makes him an asset to any team. If you aren’t following him on social media, you should probably get on it. The tidbits of knowledge and motivation he gives is well worth the click to subscribe and follow.

- Ashley Davis

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