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DJ Cannon Banyon Master Mixer & Creator

Love of music, art and graphics started early for DJ Cannon Banyon.

“When I got out of high school I was pretty much into art and graphics,” Banyon said. “My Mom bought me some turntables and a mixer and that is where it started for me. I tried to mix some records together and was not doing anything with that at the time until I hit up some guys in 2001 that were already out doing it. One of my friends had a recorder and we started recording things on cassette tapes.”

In 2002 another friend of Banyon's had given him a computer and from there DJ’ing took off for him.

“Another buddy of mine gave me a computer and I started DJ’ing,” Banyon said. “I started messing with beats for awhile and then recording and making those tracks. I wasn’t making any money off of any of it until about 2006 when I started actually DJ’ing at parties. I realized I made just as much money at a party as I did working all week.”

During this time Banyon did not sit still or become lazy. He owned and operated a tattoo shop for about 4 years, and then he opened his own music store and smoke shop. From this endeavor he built a distribution market and still today he distributes his mixes and music in local gas stations and other retail outlets. Banyon goes out physically to those who distribute for him and also ships and mails a lot of his content and music.

Banyon said he never looked at what he did or does as country rap.

“I never look at it as country rap,” Banyon said. “I sampled rock and country with hip hop beats. In 2006 I finished my first southern country mix tape I did with all my country buddies with a hip hop mix format. I had a few of those artists that really pushed that forward and then fast forward to 2010 and Colt Ford was just coming on the scene. This was when we decided we needed to get a Southern Country Volume 2 out”.

A couple years later, after the music Banyon was mixing and distributing was growing in popularity, he completed a tape with Charlie Farley and even began to tour and DJ for him. In 2017 Banyon began working with Average Joe’s and signed an artist deal with them. Together they distributed a large number of hits, and most recently just released ‘Shake That Mud Off’ with TJ Freeq, Samroc and Shamu. There will be a full album release, and the next single to come will be ‘Redneck Getaway’ with Franklin Embry, Dem Bourbon Boyz.

Banyon did a mega song ‘Shades of Georgia’ with Drawde in 2019 that has over 80,000 views on YouTube since its release. Recently Banyon said he is remixing this hit with artists such as Colt Ford, The Lacs and Young Gunner. It is set to be released in Spring or Summer of 2021.

Music is always in Banyon’s head which is why he will not stop doing what he does.

“I grew up on music,” Banyon said. “I didn’t even care if anyone even heard me or not, it is in my head and it is what I do, beats or a rhyme. My fanbase has meant everything to me. I could not do any of this without them. They continue to give me inspiration to make new stuff and keep going. I would keep doing it with or without it, but it is always good to be appreciated. It makes me feel good, and even if they don’t like it as long as they are honest about it.”

Banyon has some experience and wisdom to share with those who are up and coming or want to get into the music business.

“How much you put in is how much you get out of it,” said Banyon. “If there is an artist out there that also might want to do something together and they hit me up, I won’t turn them down. I answer the phone for people and if they believe in it I will believe in it.”

Banyon has some favorite artists he has worked with before and still makes music with today.

“Charlie Farley, he always keeps it fresh and every time he drops a project he comes back with new stuff and keeps changing it up,” Banyon said. “TJ Freeq and Samroc are so talented too. If you want to do music and have just a snippet of an idea of what you want to do, they will have a song the next day for you. I really do like everybody that I have worked with and I am open to working with anybody who reaches out.”

Banyon never stops moving forward and has more on tap for everyone in 2021, keep an eye open and be ready!

Catch DJ Cannon Banyon live on Saturday, February 20th at Global Market for a parking lot party in Florence, South Carolina or on Saturday, March 20th at Moccasin Creek Off Road Park DJ'ing for Charlie Farley in Blackshere, Georgia. Stay tuned for more show dates to come.

Visit and subscribe to DJ Cannon Banyon's YouTube page to keep on top of the new releases and up and coming music.

-Jennie Chevalier

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