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Follow Your Heart, Show Love.

Johnny Cashville’s birthday is Tuesday (January 26th) but he and his wife started the party early. His Instagram stories were full of exciting adventures they had in downtown Nashville.

You can see the couple sharing dinners together, sightseeing, and having a little crazy fun. The IG story that caught my eye, though, was not the gifts given to Johnny, but the gift that Johnny gave to someone else.

In the story, Johnny and his wife are standing on a balcony overlooking a street. There is a man with a cardboard sign below. Johnny holds a bag over the balcony and asks if the man can catch it. The man drops the sign and tries to catch the bag. It bounces out of his hand but he scrambles to pick it up with everything still intact. Johnny tells him the bag is full of good stuff and asks if the man likes sushi. The man’s reply is heartbreaking.

“I’m starving, man,” he says as he holds up his arms.

Johnny tells the man to “Stay up” followed by both him and his wife saying “God Bless You.” After that, Johnny drops a couple bills down to the man and tells him that it’s a couple hundred. The man thanks them for their generosity.

The title of the stories says “Follow your heart.” And “Show Love”. That’s something that this world needs more of right now. Take Johnny’s lead and do something kind for someone. You never know the impact it can have on their life.

Happy Birthday Johnny Cashville, from all of us at Country Rap News.

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